Robots.txt File Validator

Check your robots.txt file to see if its valid and can be understood search bots.

Paste or upload your robot.txt file below

How to Use the Robots.txt Validator Tool

Step 1: Open the Tool

Open the Robots.txt Validator tool in your web browser. The tool consists of a text input area, a file upload button, and a validate button.

Step 2: Add Robots.txt Content

There are two ways to add your Robots.txt content for validation:

Option 1 – Copy and Paste:

  • Open your robots.txt file in any text editor.
  • Copy the entire content of the file.
  • Paste the copied content into the text input area in the tool.

Option 2 – File Upload:

  • Click on the ‘Upload robots.txt file’ button.
  • Navigate to the location on your computer where your robots.txt file is stored.
  • Select the file and click ‘Open’. The content of the file will be automatically loaded into the text input area.

Step 3: Validate the Content

Click on the ‘Validate’ button. The tool will process the contents of the Robots.txt and display the results below the button.

Step 4: Interpret the Results

If your Robots.txt is valid, the tool will display ‘Valid robots.txt’ and the results box will be colored green.

If your Robots.txt is invalid, the tool will display ‘Invalid robots.txt’, followed by a list of errors, each specifying the line number and the specific issue found. The results box will be colored red in this case. Fix the listed issues in your Robots.txt file and repeat the validation process until no more errors are found.

Remember to save the corrected Robots.txt file and upload it to the root of your domain or subdomain to ensure search engine bots can properly crawl and index your website.