CSV to Sitemap Converter

Convert CSV files containing URLs and additional data into well-structured and search engine-friendly Sitemap.xml files. You can also convert your Sitemap.xml files into a CSV.

Generate Sitemap.xml from CSV

Convert Sitemap.xml to CSV

How to use it

Generator Sitemap.xml from CSV

  1. Upload or paste in your CSV content.
  2. If you included priority and date modified values in your CSV these will be included in the generated sitemap. Otherwise all URLs will include a date late modfied value of today and priority set to 0.8 (0.1-0.10).
  3. If the CSV file or pasted CSV content contains a header check the “Ignore Header” checkbox.
  4. Finally, click “Generate Sitemap” to finish creating your Sitemap.xml file

Convert Sitemap.xml to CSV

  1. Upload or paste in your Sitemap.xml file. 
  2. Click “Convert to CSV.”